Ziada: The Back Story

A powerful deodorizer that is beneficial for not only foot care but can be used as a personal deodorant as well.

By now many of you are familiar with my daughter’s business, Powder Power. When she started her business at the age of nine it put us on a course of research and study to come up with a product that fit with living a natural lifestyle. Along the way it inspired me to look into a personal project of my own; how to repel mosquitoes.

I have always had a very strong dislike for mosquitoes (who doesn’t). So in efforts to get away from using brands that contain harmful ingredients in them I went to work and developed a spray. It worked very well as a spray on but I wanted it to do more. I wanted it to not only repel mosquitoes from us but also the atmosphere surrounding us. So I went back to the lab!

During this process an idea occurred to turn the scent into an incense stick, but the sticks had to be nontoxic. After searching we found an item called Joss Mako Sticks and went to work on our experimentation. It worked fabulously! Not only did it repel mosquitoes but pretty much any insect that flies around and makes buzzing sounds; except bees, so we cut back on the lavender (smile). As my husband would put it: “We changed the whole ecosystem around us.”

As family and friends began to become aware of our little project we decided we had to give it a name and so ‘Ziada’ was born. It means ‘increase’…as in adding to by increasing the value, effect, experience of a thing. The ability of it to deter pests went over so well that we turned it into a carpet cleaner initially but as we found the many ways our customers used it, it evolved to an all purpose cleaner, foot powder and body deodorant as well.

So if you are out there looking for a product that cleans your home, repels pests that crawl and fly, keeps your feet and body smelling fresh (all at the same time) then you may want to give Ziada a try!

Order yours at www.powderpower.co
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