Why we Love our Powder Power Products! Natural vs. Essential Oils

Essential oils are mother nature’s creations that are the pure natural aromatic essences of a plant, whether it comes from the leaves, flowers, roots, barks, needles, twigs, peels of fruit, grasses. They usually provide therapeutic benefits because of their healing properties and aromas. NOTE* The word “fragrance” will never be used in an ingredient list to refer to essential oils.

     One of the things we love about using therapeutic grade essential oils in our Powder Power products is that not only do you experience the great smells of these oils but because of their therapeutic nature, one also gets some of the benefits of their therapeutic properties as well. Take for instance, the calming effects of lavender and the grounding personality of vetiver; not to mention the promotion of psychic awareness of lemongrass!

Powder Power Founder: Kalimah Muhammad

Natural fragrance oils are made in a laboratory but are from natural substances that are usually an isolated component from a specific plant. For example, limonene is a very common component of all citrus (lemon, lime, orange, bergamont, etc…) essential oils. Sometimes you may see just the name of the isolated part of an essential oil on the label of a product instead of the oil itself to indicate it is a natural fragrance.  

     Other oils that are categorized as natural are essential oils that are in their pure form but have been diluted with carrier oils to make them cheaper for sale on the market. Common oils that are diluted to fit in this category can include, rose oil, vanilla oil, frankincense, etc… All in all, they are not man made. The natural oils in our products fit into this category. We love the fact that even though they are diluted, they still offer the amazing aroma of their concentrated counterpart but with less of the therapeutic effect. And most importantly that they are still safe to use on the body.

Synthetic Fragrance oils can fit into more than one category. (1) Those that are made to mimic nature’s aromas but may be composed of a mixture of natural essential oils and synthetic compounds or just completely composed of materials that are not natural at all. These are called “Nature Identical” fragrance oils.

     The other types are “fragrance” oils that are also made in a lab from synthetic components, however, they are entirely made up of petroleum based products/by products which includes harmful materials such as benzenes and their derivatives, toxic pthlates, toulenes, parabens and many other toxic chemicals that can disrupt a person’s hormone balance.  These chemical substances made in the lab do not exist anywhere in nature whatsoever.     

Because we at Powder Power love to please our customers, we researched specific fragrances that you all requested and found nontoxic aromas that could fit in our line; those two include Baby Fresh and Raspberry Breeze. We at Powder Power believe the products you use should be enjoyable but also safe. We love creating blends that you will enjoy in this way and are looking forward to offering you more exciting and new fragrances in the near future!

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