Detoxifying Delights!

In this post we want to show great appreciation to Sis. Georgina for sharing with us food that she has grown from her own garden; the cayenne and cucumber in particular, though she has grown garlic before. Placing emphasis on the cucumber, know that if you include any of these foods in your lifestyle diet that you are helping your body to detoxify.

Popularly known for cooling the eyes in beauty appointments, cucumbers’ benefits stretch beyond the cosmetic realm.  Taken internally, these cool beauties naturally help to cleanse our liver and take some pressure off of its workload by removing toxins from our blood and digestive system. Even more so we get a double benefit because once it accumulates these toxins it helps to expel them from the body as well because it acts like a diuretic would by increasing our fluid output, thus aiding removal of these toxins through our urine. Eating them in their raw form is best to get this amazing effect and having a nice glass of cucumber water in addition to it helps to increase this overall detoxifying process! An easy and inexpensive way to enjoy life more abundantly!

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